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Welcome to 2013. Here's the latest pics I've taken while out & about.

The most recent are at the top of the page. Pictures taken prior to 2013 will be HERE.

Charlotte's 30th Birthday Bash

Charlotte's 30thCharlotte's 30th Birthday Bash at Henley's Social Club was a great night check out the pics ;)



Barton Moss Anti-Fracking Rally Dec 8th

No Fracking at Barton Moss!Over 300 people gathered for a rally at Barton Moss, the site of exploratory drilling by iGas. Protectors of Barton Moss believe the company will use a controversial technique known as "Fracking" to extract coal bed methane and shale gas if their (iGas) expectations are confirmed.

Further information against Fracking here:

BBC Anon Demo 2013

BBC Anon DemoDisgusted by the lack of protest coverage by the mainstream media, and the BBC in particular, around 130 protesters decided to take their grievances straight to the heart of the BBC on Salford Quays. There were songs & speeches aimed at the percieved bias off BBC coverage.

Here's some videos of the day:

Stick your New World Order

12 Days of WAKING

Eccles Cenotaph 2013

Eccles Cenotaph 2013Once again Eccles turned out to pay their respects to the fallen. At 11 o'clock the town fell silent, followed by the bugler sounding the Reveille. Representatives of various groups including branches of the military then laid wreaths.


Spooks at The Duke

Halloween Fundraiser Duke of YorkA Halloween fundraiser was in great Spirits to raise money for Linzi Ashton's Headstone Appeal. Dracula had a shot of O negative blood and Michael Myers was on the rampage. The event was expected to raise a few hundred quid towards Linzi's headstone.

The Daily Mail Hates Me ...

After The Daily Mail attacked Ed Milliband's father Ralph, saying "He Hated Britain", protesters gathered in St Anne's Square Manchester to air their views on why The Mail hates them too!


UK Uncut Roadblock (Manchester)

Deangate is one of the busiest roads in Manchester. Today however, UK Uncut closed it down, protesting about cuts to legal aid. Albeit for a short time until the police imposed limits using Section 14 of The Public Order Act. UK Uncut continued to get their message across peacefully & legally by using the pedestrian crossing to advertise their message.

Nigel Farage Visits Salford

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP swooped on Salford today to bolster his candidate's chances in the upcoming by-election in Weaste. Candidate Glyn Wright then went canvassing in the area around the derelict Weaste Hotel. See SalfordOnline's video interview here.

Save Our NHS Rally - Tory Party Conference

An estimated 40,000 people took part in a march & rally to protest the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on 29th September 2013. "Plebgate" MP Andrew Mitchell was unfortunate to pass the marchers on his way to the conference and was given less than the usual warm northern welcome. See the Altogether Now video of the day here.

Salford Feeder March Sept 29th 2013

This was the Salford feeder for the main Save Our NHS march against the Tory conference in Manchester. They joined over 40,000 people to march past the Tory Conference and onto a rally at Whitworth Park.

Pool Presentation Night (Lyndale)

Lyndale Pool PresentationEccles Pool Thursday League had a presentation night at The Lyndale Pool & Snooker Club in Eccles on Saturday. There was comedian Tom Pepper, along with an Indie Band called The Fuss. (21st September 2013)

Check out the Thursday League Pool website here:

THE FUSS (Indie Band)

Indie Band THE FUSS

Indie Band THE FUSS playing at The Lyndale Pool & Snooker Club in Eccles.


Jam Night at The Lyndale

Jam Night at The LyndaleHave you ever wanted to be in a band? The Lyndale Pool & Snooker Club in Eccles have a Jam Night every Sunday. Bring your guitar or whatever along and join in with the resident musicians.

Stop The War (Syria)

Stop The War (Syria)Piccadilly Gardens Manchester was the venue for an emergency Stop The War protest in response to the situation in Syria. Both young and old gathered to urge our Government not to get involved. (30th August 2013)

Beat The Bailiffs (Oldham)

Beat The Bailiffs (Oldham)Bailiffs turn up with a warrant (it was unsigned), to repossess a house in Oldham. The owner and many friends rebutted their attempt, believing the warrant to be illegal. The bailiffs were politely, but firmly, sent on their way.


Linzi Ashton Fun Day

Linzi Ashton Fun Day at HenleysA fabulous Fun Day for Linzi Ashton went ahead despite the threat of bad weather, whch didn't in the end appear. There were Bouncy Castles, a Magician, Dancing Girls and much more at this event to raise money for Linzi's children Destiny & Daisy. If you missed it, then you were a silly billy weren't you?

Linzi Ashton Fun Run 2013

Linzi Ashton Fun Run 2013Well over a hundred people took part in a Fun Run to remember Linzi Ashton. The recent tragedy was put on hold for a day to remember the fun Linzi brought into people's lives. Also, money was raised for Destiny & Daisy, Linzi's children, this will be held for them until they are 18.

Easter Bedroom Tax Demo (Manchester)

Bedroom Tax Demo Manchester (Easter)Hundreds of people sent a clear message to The Coalition Govt, today. "Axe The Bedroom Tax!" Labour speakers were heckled by some of the crowd who regarded them as "hypocrites". Many of the crowd then marched to the Town Hall.

A Minute Silence For Bomb Victims

Johnathan Ball's Family members are comforted by The Mayor Of WarringtonMore than a hundred people joined the Mayor of Warrington in a minute silence to remember those killed and injured at 12:27 on March 1993. There were no speeches, just the laying of flowers and quiet comtemplation. Warrington's contribution to the peace process is recognised throught the world. A simultaneous minute of silence was held at The Peace Centre.

Keep up with events at The Peace Centre website also #peace20.

Warrington Bombing 20 Years On

Colin Parry - Warrington Bombing 20th Anniversary20 years ago the IRA bombed Warrington in Cheshire, killing 3yr old Johnathan Ball instantly, and fatally injuring 12yr old Tim Parry. Today, family & friends joined with the people of Warrington to commemorate this tragic event.

Video Here:

Colin Parry Speech
Colin Parry Interview
Gareth Boldsworth Interview

Private Blears Funeral

Private Blears' FuneralAt a moving ceremony in Swinton, Private Blears was once again laid to rest. Hopefully for the last time. Members of The British Legion were Standard Bearers. The cemetery where he was originally buried is to become a car park for an Asda supermarket in the town.

Anti-Cuts Demo Mcr Feb 23rd

Anti-Cuts Demo Manchester Feb 23rd 2013Around 300 people took to the streets of Manchester today to protest the cuts (one participant had inserted an 'N' in there). They set off from All Saints and processed down Deansgate and finished at Albert Square where impassioned speeches were given to the cheering crowd.

#Justice4Grainger Raising Awareness.

#Justice4GraingerMembers of Justice For Grainger took to Market Street in Manchester today (16th Feb 2013) to draw attention to the vigil to be held on the anniversary of the death of Anthony Grainger. Anthony was shot by GMP in a Cheshire car park on March 3rd last year. The IPCC has yet to tell the family what happened.