2011 Events

Here's last year's pics I've taken while out & about.

The most recent are at the top of the page. Pictures taken prior to 2011 will be in the archives.


Occupy ManchesterThis one is gonna run & run so it gets its own page. I'll also keep it at the top of the site while it's still ongoing.

UK Uncut Manchester 17th Dec 2011

UK Uncut Xmas 2011UK Uncut target alleged tax-avoiders in Manchester city centre. Protesters gathered outside Barclays Bank on Market Street to protest about what they claim is tax-avoidance by Barclays. They then moved on to Vodafone & Topman for similar reasons. The event was peaceful as you'd expect and no arrests were made. For HD Video of this event Click Here

Manchester Community Choir

Manchester Community ChoirThe Manchester Community Choir performed on the steps of the Freinds Meeting House in Manchester. They entertained a small but enthusiastic crowd who stopped to listen, and many hundreds of passers by.

Musical Santas

Musical Santa - Market St ManchesterThere's usually something musical happening on Market Street Manchester and this week was no exception. It's not often you see Santa playing a trumpet or an accordian. They played with both talent & enthusiasm, and you heard them way before you saw them.


Peace Centre Xmas Party 2011

Peace Centre Xmas 2011The Tim Parry & Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace had their annual Xmas fund raising meal at the Peace Centre. I'm not happy from a photographic point of view with the pics but here they are.

Last year's pics are Here:

Strike Nov 30th - Salford Royal

Strike Nov 30th - Salford RoyalWorkers picketed Salford Royal Hospital in defence of their pensions.

They were in very good spirits despite the cold and were buoyed by the support shown by the public. Many car drivers beeped their car horns to show solidarity.

Strike Nov 30th - Manchester

Strike Nov 30th ManchesterAround five thousand people marched through Manchester to protest againt the ConDem Governments attacks on their pensions. The march was entirely peacful but very noisy.


Strike Nov 30th - Bexley Square

Strike Nov 30thStriking workers and supporters gathered at Bexley Square in Salford for a rally prior to joing the huge march in Manchester. They are striking in response to Government attacks on their pension.

Save Salford Flashmob

Save salford FlashmobThe Save Salford Campaign chose a fun way to draw attention to the proposed boundary changes which will see Salford swallowed up by Manchester.

If you want to get involved or support the campaign check out the
Facebook group here:

Krisshan Jade - Set Two

Krisshan Jade MusicKrisshan returns to Market Street in Manchester, this time performing for herself. Look for Krisshan Jade Music on Facebook, and if you see her in Manchester, give her a cheer and a donation!

26th Nov 2011

Eccles Xmas Lights Switch-On

darren Langford with SantaFormer Hollyoaks star Darren Langford was on hand to switch on the Xmas lights in Eccles on Saturday. Dateline: 19th Nov 2011.

Anti-Fur Demo in Manchester

Anti Fur Demo ManchesterCampaigners against the animal cruelty involved in the real fur trade made their point outside Emporio Armani just off Deansgate in Manchester. 19th Nov 2011.

Eccles Rememberance Parade

Poppy Daty 2011 in EcclesHundreds of people gathered at The Cenotaph in Eccles town centre to pay their respects to the war dead.


Krisshan Jade sings for Comic Relief

Krisshan Jade with Mickey & Minnie Mouse12yr old Krisshan wowed crowds in Market Street Manchester and helped to raise money for Children In Need. She was joined by Minnie & Mickey Mouse. 12th Nov 2011.

UPDATE: She raised just over One Thousand Pounds ... Well Done!

War Memorial Restored

War MemorialAn old War memorial has been restored by Salford Co-Op Funeral Care after being found in a scrapyard. Local school children and relatives of those named on the plaque attended an opening servce on November 11th 2011. A 2 minute silence was observed.

Bonfire at Buille Hill Park (2011)

Bonfire Night at Buille Hill ParkThousands of people enjoyed a spectacular Fireworks Display at Buille Hill Park. The event was organised by Salford Council & The Rotary Club. There was also a Funfair to add to the entertainment.

Barclays Bank Nov 5th

Protesters at Barclays BankProtesters stood in the window of Barclays Bank in Market St Manchester. They claim Barclays don't pay appropriate taxes. One protester was arrested.

GMP in Albert Square

Kids beats up Riot CopQuite a lot of people took the opprtunity to meet Greater Manchester Police at an event in Albert Sq. Young kids got the chance to beat up the Riot Police.

Anti-Tory protest

Anti Tory ProtestTens of thousands of people, mostly trade unionists, marched on The Tory Party Conference in Manchester. Salford Against The Cuts joined in with a march of around 250-300 people from the old fire station in Salford.

The event was peaceful and largely uneventful. Stray Tories had some abuse hurled at them as you might expect. Police Snipers were on rooftops in Manchester however! Quite what they were expecting or who they were willing to shoot we don't know.

I also have a lot of Video from this event but I'm on holiday for a week so it will have to wait... Watch this space! ;)

Mass Stalls Demo (24th September 2011)

Mass Stalls demoLots of protest / info stalls on Market Street Manchester in response to the disgraceful decision to remove stalls last week. many and varied groups showed that they will not be bullied away by heavy handed Policing at the Council's behest

Lancaster House Candle-Lit Vigil

Lancaster House VigilResidents and supporters of Lancaster House, a refuge for homeless people, held a candle-lit vigil to oppose the closing of the facility.

Amber Watch In Action

Amber Watch in ActionSalford's finest were quickly on hand to put out a fire at a former show house on Liverpool St Salford.


9/11 Protest at BBC Manchester

Anti Cuts DemoA small but vociferous band of protesters gathered outside The BBC on Oxford Rd demanding an investigation into the events of 9/11.

Fire Station Square

Fire Station SquareCouncillor Stephen Coen opens the recently re-furbished Fire Station Square Garden. There was lots of food and drinks on offer, and some live music too. They have got themselves a nice little community area there.

Norman Scarth Released

Norman Scarth Released85yr old World War II veteran Norman Scarth is released from prison after serving 7 weeks of a six month sentence for allegedly audio recording in a court room. Campaigner fought continuously to have this travesty of justice overturned. They finally succeded and met Norman at the gates of the prison upon his release.

Demonstration at Salford Magistrates Court

Free Norman ScarthDemonstrators outside Salford Magistrates Court are up in arms about the jailing of an 85yr old World War II Veteran. Norman Scarth has been given a six month jail for allegedly audio recording in a Leeds Court.

Manchester Moment

Manchester After the riotsOver a hundred people gathered in Market St Manchester to show their love for Manchester after the recent riots.
Councillor Pat Karney led the celebration, thanking the crowd for showing their support.

Mass Megaphone Rally in Birmingham

Peace FlagAround 50 people travelled to Birmigham after the recent riots to spread a message of Peace & Love. Their intention was to give out "Free Hugs" and sweets to raise the spirits of the locals. The event turned sour when heavy handed security from The Bullring Shopping Centre decide to eject the group.
This was despite the warm welcome given by the public to the group.

To the amazement of this observer, The Police then arrested a number of the group in "Snatch Squads" after the event was concluded.

Anonymous in Manchester after the riots

AnonymousWho are Anonymous and what do they want?
They are everyone & no-one. They are the forefront of peaceful & lawful resistance. What Is The Plan?

Norman Scarth Protest - HMP Leeds

Free Norman Scarth - Leeds Prison30 demonstrators protest outside Armley jail in Leeds after an 85yr old World War II veteran Norman Scarth was jailed for 6 months after he allegedly made an audio recording in a Leeds Court.

The protesters felt that even if guilty of the offence, the punishment meted out to an old gentleman was extremely harsh and unwarranted.

Salford Riot Aftermath

Salford Riot AftermathI went out early the day after the riot to capture the damage done to Salford's shops by the rioters the night before.


Party In The Park (2011)

Party In The ParkA great time was had by all those attending the annual Party In The Park at Douglas Green Park in Lower Broughton.

Salford showed it had plenty of local talent, from hip-hop to folk music.

Save Lancaster House Rally

Save Lancaster HouseCampaigners trying to save a homeless shelter at Lancaster House, marched on the Civic Centre at Swinton as Councillors were meeting inside to decide their future.


Ministry Of Happiness

Ministry Of HappinessThe Ministry Of happiness was launched in Manchester, it's mission is to lower fear and spread love.

Lots of Free Hugs were given out, and the event finished with a huge Hokey-Cokey followed by an equally large Conga Line.

Anti-Israel Demo

Anti Israel DemoSupporters of palestine are urging shoppers to boycott Israeli goods until Israel obeys International Laws.


Town Hall FC Presentation Night

Town Hall FCThe football team from The Town Hall in Eccles recieve their well-deserved trophies after an outstanding season which they won.



Unison Support Strike

Unison Support StrikeMembers of the Unison union held mini-rallies all over Salford in support of striking workers Unison memberswere not on strike themelves.

Charity Walk in aid of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Charity WalkPat Walkington organized "Walk it out in Pink" in Buile Hill Park June 2011.

She was supported by Salford MP Hazel Blears and Champion Boxer Maxine McCarthy.

Mile in Memory (2011)

Pamela Statham - Mile in Memory WalkEvery year Pamela Statham organises a charity walk through Monton in memory of her beautiful son Jamie. Her little one succumbed to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in 2007.


May Day 2011

May Day 2011Anti Cuts Demonstrators gathered for the 80th Anniversary of the "Battle Of Bexley Square"


Monton Incinerator Protest

Monton Incinerator ProtestPeople gathered to protest against the proposed incinerator in Monton.

They were joined by Salford MP Hazel Blears & Eccles Councillor Lisa Stone.

Judge Arrested at Birkenhead Court

Roger Hayes - Council Tax RebelOver 500 supporters of Lawfull Rebellion "Arrested" Judge Michael Peake at Roger Hayes' bankruptcy hearing in Birkenhead for allegedly not honouring his oath of office. The BCG claims this is tantamount to Contempt of Court and Treason.

Court officials assisted in the escape of Judge Peake and he is still considered by The British Constitution Group to be "at large".

The Police were called and according to those present failed to do their duty, several protesters were, in the opinion of onlookers, unlawfully arrested.

March Against The Cuts - March 5th 2011

March Against The Cuts - March 2011Around two thousand people of all ages marched from All Saints into Manchester's Albert Square to protest against the ConDem cuts.

Anti Cuts Demo in Platt Fields Park

Anti Cuts in Platt Fields ParkHundreds of people gathered in Platt Fields Park in Jan 2011 to listen to speakers condemning the proposed government cuts.

Many of the younger demonstrators then broke away and headed to Manchester City Centre, where they were met by a "robust Police response".

That takes us to the beginning of 2011. For events prior to this check The Archives.